THE HUNTERS OF AFRICA, François Vauvillier and Jacques Sicard. 27878

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THE HUNTERS OF AFRICA, François Vauvillier and Jacques Sicard. 27878

History And Collections May 1, 1999

THIS VOLUME IS THE FIRST in a brand new encyclopedic collection, devoted to the study of the different troops of the French army in the heyday of conscription.
Following the formula dear to Histoire & Collections, the work is particularly aimed at fans of these tangible marks of military history such as insignia, uniforms and equipment, thanks to unparalleled iconography and documentation. Who are the hunters of Africa? Born in 1831 at the time of the conquest of Algeria with mixed recruitment, the "chass'd'Af'" quickly established themselves as the European element of our cavalry from across the Mediterranean.
During their long history, African hunters will be involved in all the distant campaigns fought by the French army, not only on African soil but also in Crimea, China, Syria, Mexico, Madagascar and Tonkin. . Widely engaged on the French and Eastern fronts in 1914-1918, the African hunters would have a specific role in the modernization of the African army from the 1930s onwards, by becoming motorized and armored.
The events of the Second World War propelled them to the envied rank of armored spearhead of the French forces of the Liberation. Victoriously participating in the Tunisian campaign with their French equipment, they were rearmed in the American style in the summer of 1943 and entered in force within the armored divisions which, landing in Normandy and Provence in the summer of 1944, liberated France and entered Germany after an epic armored ride.
In homage to these glorious corps dissolved following the independence of Algeria, the 1st regiment of African hunters has just been recreated, by decision of a former "chass'd'Af'", the president of the Republic, Jacques Chirac, whose preface honors this work.

32cm x 24.5cm.

Used book in very good condition.
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