2nd DRAGON REGIMENT TROOP HELMET, November 20, 1858 model, Second Empire. 24949

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2nd DRAGON REGIMENT TROOP HELMET, November 20, 1858 model, Second Empire. 24949

The helmet consists of the parts below, namely:
A "yellow copper" brass canister according to the regulations, in one piece, stamped with a pendulum and finished with a hammer. Four suction cup holes are drilled in the bomb. Registered "788", dated 1862 "62", of the 2nd regiment of dragoons "2".
A turban in two pieces of half-fed cow, joined front and back by a large cross stitch seam. The turban is assembled with the bomb by means of four honed flat head rivets, with counter-rivet washers, which pass through the two.
A brass visor, encircled with a copper band straddling the outer rim. This circle (height on each side 8 mm) is joined to the visor by a red copper rivet at each end. It is lined below with a glued green sheepskin and caught in the setting of the border circle. Width of the visor on its middle 5.5 cm.
A brass neck cover circled in copper similar to the visor, lined in glued black sheepskin.
A headband is of sea cow, dyed tawny and speckled black, to imitate tiger skin (this general tawny-yellow dyeing before speckling is essential, not only to the fuller imitation of fur); it is cut in such a way as to engage exactly from the top under the molding of the bomb and to descend on the visor and on the neck cover of which it leaves only about a quarter visible. At each end, this headband is lined inside with a small copper blade pierced with four holes with metal eyelets. On each side, two washers, one lower, the other outer, pierced in the center and joined by a metal eyelet, are adjusted to the place where the chinstrap rod passes.
Two chinstraps each formed of fourteen flat rings in covers, assembled in curb chain, decreasing. These rings are mounted by means of a fine brass wire, the points of which are embedded in the leather underneath, on a core of strong black patent leather, terminated by a counter-strap in black patent calfskin and a buckle with a bar bearing barb. The two upper rings of the chain, which show only part of their circumference, are part of a copper rosette 53 millimeters in diameter, edged with a plain ring and stamped in relief with 16 laurel leaves arranged in rays. around a hole drilled in the center.
Each chinstrap attaches to the helmet by a copper screw with a half-spherical head.
A crest placed on the bomb, from front to back; it is made of yellow copper and consists of two fins, a mask and a cover.
The fins with a concave base, which forms a scalloped edge pierced with two holes for copper screws, with round head in drop of tallow, which are stopped inside the bomb by nuts. They are adorned with palmettes and a garland at their upper edge. The rim is decorated with water leaves, all stamped in relief. The mask serves as an anterior junction for the two fins. It is stamped with a head of Medusa in high relief, surmounted by a small crown of oak and at the bottom, above the cul-de-lampe of the mask, is a pomegranate in bas-relief. A copper screw, at the bottom of the cul-de-lamp. The copper covering is stamped with a mat in bas-relief. The ornament of the crest consists of a lower socket, a lens decorated with palmettes in relief and an upper socket, also decorated with palmettes. A scarlet horsehair puff.
A black dyed horsehair mane, length 52 cm.
A brass pen holder decorated with branches of foliage.
Interior trim, consists of a headdress in strong black sheepskin, cut with 9 wolf teeth, the tips of the teeth lined with metal eyelets.

Second Empire.
Very good state of conservation, some moth holes in the headband, the last ring of the right chin strap was replaced later, slight depression at the top of the crest.
Reference : 24949 proantic

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